Tax Filing and Compliance

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Tax Filing and Compliance

  • Advanced Tax Service

We handle 100% of all federal, state and local tax agencies.  By handling all of your payroll tax compliance, we guarantee that as long as the information you provide us is on time, accurate and your account is sufficiently funded, that your payroll tax deposits and tax filings will be done on time and accurately – or we’ll pay any payroll tax penalty!

  • Tax Credit Services

Each year companies forfeit millions of dollars in federal, state and local tax credits because they just don’t know about them.  Up to 20% of new hires can qualify for tax credits if certain demographics and criteria are met.  We can help you determine if your company and new hires qualify for these tax credits.

Many tax credits exist including (WOTC) Work Opportunity Tax Credits, (VOW) Veterans of War credits, FICA tax tip credits, state tax credits and many more.  We can assist you with the paperwork, recordkeeping and filing for these tax credits. And what’s best about this service….There are NO UPFRONT COSTS associated.  These tax credit services are 100% contingency fee based.  If no credits are found, you pay nothing.

Ask us how we can help you with your tax compliance and tax credit filing.