Payroll Services

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Payroll Services

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    • Pay checks including stubs summarizing gross pay, deductions and year-to-date amounts
    • Payroll journal detailing payroll and deductions by employee and in total
    • Check register
    • Management report summarizing gross pay, net pay, tax withholdings, and employer costs such as FUTA, SUTA, and Social Security taxes.
    • Preparation of required tax deposits
    • Payroll worksheet for next pay period
    • Quarterly payroll tax returns, including local and OPT / EMS returns
    • Year-end W-2’s and state and local reconciliations


    • Web Based Payroll

    You can enter payroll data, update employee information, and generate reports all through your internet connection. This provides for great flexibility since you can access the internet from virtually anywhere. Click on test drive to take an interactive look at our secure 100% web-based interface.

    • Employee Self-Service

    This service allows your employees with online access to view their own payroll information. This information includes pay history, along with accrual, deduction, direct deposit, fringe, pay rate, and tax setup. Employees can even view and print a statement or check stub from anytime in the past.

    • Automated Check Signing

    Are you tired of signing or rubber stamping your checks? Diversified Payroll Solutions can digitize you signature and laser print it on your checks. We can also scan your Company’s logo for inclusion on your checks.

    • Envelope Stuffing

    You can save time by having us insert your employee’s pay checks in envelopes and sealing them. This also will provide added security and confidentiality.

    • Delivery

    Options include standard postal service, priority mailing, company courier as well as international carriers such as Fed-Ex, UPS and DHL.

    • Direct Deposit

    Direct deposit is a great way to pay your employees. Your employees could have their entire check or a portion of their check electronically deposited to one or more different financial institutions. Direct deposit adds increased confidentiality, eliminates issues such as lost checks, and reduces the burden of your cash account reconciliation function.

    • Next Day Processing

    The ultimate in timeliness; receive your payroll the next day. Now also available for direct deposit.

    • Escrow Service

    This service eliminates the need to keep track of payroll checks and perform payroll account reconciliations. Monies are held in trust until paychecks or tax disbursements are presented for payment.

    • Advanced Tax Compliance

    Diversified Payroll Solutions will prepare and disburse all required tax payments, including quarterly tax returns. Used in conjunction with our escrow service we guarantee payments are made correctly and on time. This eliminates you from problems arising from late filed deposits or returns. We also will handle any inquiries from taxing authorities.

    • Section 125 Plans

    This Internal Revenue Code section provides savings to both employers and employees. We will provide all recordkeeping details and take care of all compliance issues, whether it be for a premium only plan or for flexible spending accounts.

    • Cash Requirement Reporting

    We will generate reports detailing the actual cash required to cover all your payroll costs for each pay period.

    • Preprocess Reporting

    Eliminate payroll surprises by generating a preprocess, gross-to-net payroll register to validate that all earnings and deductions were entered correctly and that totals agree with your calculations. If any changes are needed you can simply make changes online, or notify us of changes before any payroll is processed.

    • Agency and garnishment checks

    We will generate third-party checks for garnishments (such as domestic relations), retirement plan contributions, cafeteria plan contributions, or other agency checks.

    • Paperless Payroll

    We have the ability to provide any of our payroll reports or ledgers in electronic format. We also have the option of utilizing your own client portal via our website to enter your payroll information. Couple this with direct deposit for a complete paperless payroll process.

    • Quickbooks® Integration

    Save time posting payroll entries by hand with a file that can e easily imported in Quickbooks® or other accounting software packages.

    • General Ledger Reporting

    We will generate a report, using your general ledger account numbers, to assist you or your accountant in making accounting entries for each pay period.

    • Convenience Checking

    With Convenience Checking all live checks can be drawn from our payroll bank account instead of each written check coming from your account. This relieves your bookkeeping staff from having to post and reconcile individual checks. Instead, we just draft the entire net check payroll from your account in one transaction.

    • Reporting

    Our online reports are completely customizable and available to you 24 hours a day. These reports can be run over multiple pay periods, even across multiple years of payroll history. And if our standard reports do not meet your needs, we have an online report writer and an in house custom report designer to ensure that you get the reports you need for your business.

    • Conversion

    Conversion from another payroll processor or in-house system is fast, easy, and free. We will supply you with a checklist of items needed, most of which should be included with your weekly payroll package, and pick them up. We utilize a detailed audit and review process to ensure all data is converted accurately.